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Location - लोकबंधु अस्पताल व राममनोहर लोहिया अस्पताल

Date - 2024-05-01T19:59

अन्नपूर्णा प्रोजेक्ट निःशुल्क भरपेट भोजन

माँ वैष्णों देवी सेवा संस्थान द्वारा प्रत्येक रविवार प्रोजेक्ट अन्नपूर्णा (भर पेट निःशुल्क भोजन ) कराया जा रहा है इस प्रोजेक्ट के अंतर्गत सरकारी अस्पताल के सामने चलाया जा रहा है जिससे इलाज के लिए आये हुए मरीजों के तिमारदार व अन्य लोग भोजन कर सकें

Location - सम्पूर्ण भारत

Date - 2023-04-03T10:21

Donation /दान

आपका दिया गया दान गरीब बच्चों की शिक्षा, खाना, व कपड़ों के लिए तथा अस्पतालों मे भर्ती मरीजों के तीमारदारों के भोजन एवं सुविधा के लिए खर्च किया जाएगा यह सहयोग सराहनीय होगा धन्यवाद

Location - 500

Date - 2023-05-03T14:56

Donation For (Incometax Act 80G

MAA VAISHNO DEVI SEVA SANSTHAN  AXIS BANK  LTD ACCOUNT NUMBER : 920020020293382 IFSC COADE : UTIB0004493,   Paytm No. 9621212971 Important : Avail tax exemption on 50% of amount you donate under Section 80G of the income Tax Act. Our NGO partners

Location - Donations Paytm No.9621212971

Date - 2022-08-15T08:53

Empower a girl child Today with the gift of quality digital education Donate Now

Education Today's Girl to empower tomorrow women

In 2014 Mr Vivek Dubey Chair Person Of Maa Vaishno Devi Seva Sansthan began Project

Balvani Shiksha with the objective of education underprivileged girls in india.

The Project was designed in sponsorshid model so as to enable indians to contribute to a worthy cause.

History :

The Project was incepted against the backdrop of spiralling 

population growth rate, low female literacy level and low female workforce participation, child marriage and child labour prevalent in many parts of india . vivek dubeyfell that there was a strong correlation between societal evils such as dowry deaths, caste system, etc. and the fact that girls were not educated. investment ingirl's education has a transformational impact on thair earnings and standrad of living. This in turn, leads to lower rates of child marriageand better health for the entire family - thereby bulding social capital.


Over the years, Project Balvani hasreached out to over 370,000 underprivileged girls across  in india.

Locations covered :

From far- flung areas such as the hamlets of Kushinagar In Uttar Pradesh to the rural outskirts of Banaras, From Basti in  U.P Delhi, Uttrakhand, Bihar,  to the remote location of Project Balvani ensuring that girls Complete 10 years of formal schooling

How much would you like do Donate ?

Voluntary basis----

Recommended amounts (Maximum 49,999/-)

Important : Avail tax exemption on 50% of amount you donate under Section 80G of the income Tax Act. Our NGO partners may retain a pportion of the donated amount to cover their costs. However, you will receive the 80G certificate for the totalamount donated.